5 years ago

Minimal Personal Webpage HTML Theme

The perfect, minimal cocktail for your online presence:

LinkedIn for your resume
Behance for you portfolio
Medium for your blog

Free for your personal website.

6 years ago

50in1 Free Resources Bundle

An amazing collection of premium quality free resources put together to create this awesome resources collection which has over 50 .psd files for you to creatively use anywhere!

6 years ago

Sticker Template


Sticker Template .psd
All you have to do to get your logo or text instead of my blue logo is to edit one layer.

Enjoy, 🙂

6 years ago

Anything to 3D Photoshop Action Freebie

How To Use

The instructions are displayed here instead of the website:

For Text: 

1) Type any text on a new layer with the font size 100px
2) Rename the text layer to “3D”
3) Run the plugin
4) Now you can select the new group created by the action (or you can just select all the layers created) and re-size to any size you want
5) Easy as that :)

For Shapes: 

1) Add the shape
2) Rename the layer to “3D”
4) Run the plugin

If you have any question feel free to ask them as comments here.