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It’s a brand brand world!

Exploring some of the worlds largest brands and the do’s and don’t of compelling branding.

Sitting at a Starbucks with it’s green aproned waiters, red, green and black coasters, branded cups and wooden counters is enough to give you an idea of the amount of work large corporations put into building and reinforcing their brand image, and is when designs matters to create a logo for the different companies, and there are services like Minx Design Whitchurch which specialize in this purposes. It’s almost as if the whole place is chanting “Star-bucks! Star-buck!” the whole time. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not just Starbucks, take the Apple Store for another example, or even Google for that matter!
Where there is competition, there is also the need to standout — and that’s where branding counts.

What I’m keying down as I enjoy this well branded sweetened passion tea lemonade is about the large corporations which pour millions into teams of designers and agencies working on their branding. This is meant to be one of those interesting pieces full of facts for those curious readers and rad designers sitting around, fiddling with color schemes and font styles behind every little start-up and website.

They all start with a logo…

Much like how Starbucks concentrates on it’s “twin-tailed mermaid” and Apple on it’s “apple with a bite taken out of it” — the most sensible place to begin branding is with a good logo.

Take a look at the AD above. It’s got all the tell-tale signs of awesome branding — everything from it’s logo to the signature bottle shape and tagline “open happiness” speaks Coca Cola! The original logo dates back to 1886 and over the +125 years the company has managed to make it the 4th most valued brand in the world! It’s so much so that Coca-Cola has also reported that it’s name is the second-most understood term in the world, behind “okay.”

You can show me any number of videos featuring the gooey black mess of burnt sugar coke leaves behind after you boil it — and yet all I feel after one of their signature commercials is the warm and fuzzy feeling of open happiness! Guess the 3,266 million dollar advertising budget really does pay off.

Sometimes it’s the product that fail…

Most identify Hummer as the epitome of pure american muscle and others as the mother of all petrol-guzzlers. Of course it was a great sounding and looking brand. But over the years the vehicle had gained notoriety for its bad environmental standards — emitting almost three times more carbon dioxide than a normal car. As a result the last Hummer H3 rolled off the line at Shreveport on May 24, 2010.

A good brand image has much to do with the quality of the actual product. The point being; a great product + sucky branding = failure and so is bad product + great branding.

“Without the brand, Apple would be dead,”
Marc Gobe

Everything about Apple resonates purity. Starting with the minimalist monochrome looks to the rich anodized aluminum finish all create a sense of profound quality. This incredible design aspect is the main reasons it’s the world most valued brand at 124.2 billion dollars — beating Microsoft by almost double. Good branding can really put a dent in the universe; they create lasting bonds with customers. Products die with time, but brands last forever.

Take a minute and look around. Jot down every brand and logo you spot around you.

I spotted:
HP, Intel, Windows 7, ATI, A4 tech, VISA, Emerald, SonicGear, Transcend, Casio, Imation, Vision Care, Edexcel, Damro, Atlas, Samsung, Panasonic, Royal Fernwood and British Council. (BTW this wasn’t at a Starbucks).

Wow. It really is a brand brand world.

Featured image from BusinessInsider

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